Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hot and tired

So I've started work. My office is about a 10 min metro ride from our apartment. The station is across the street from here and stops directly under my office building. Couldn't get much more convenient that that! Work starts at 9am, but I get there around 8:30am and leave half hour early (5:30pm). Then I come home, cook, have a shower, eat and head off to DJ. 8:30pm till 11pm. Go home sleep and get up to do the whole thing over again. I'm stuffed... This will continue till next monday when I will basically quit DJing unless they cut back my hours.

The weather here is hot as shit. HOT and HUMID as hell. Sleep is impossible with out regular blasts of A/C. Add the smog to this and going outside during the day is self torture. Apparently it gets worse in the next few months, can't wait.

I work with a whole bunch of locals and 4 expats. 2 Dutch, 1 Aussie and a Kiwi. Kinda good cos I get to practice my chinese while I do most of my official work in english. Everything seems fair enough at work, but I remember thinking that working at Electroboard. You never know when the greek senile hag of a boss combined with the incompetent "acting branch manager" will jump out from behind their masks. (No I'm not bitter at all.)

Further news, I'm warming up for Sandy Riviera this Saturday. MOS DJ. Hopefully it'll be good.


Blogger SiL said...

And then it's about time you wrote a new post! (Yes, u have missed my straight forwardness.. ;)

It's been too long and I miss you CRAZILY!!

12:49 am  
Blogger Jon said...

Yes sorry, here my new post is up. I'll have more time now to update my blog. Why don't you write me instead? :)

10:57 pm  

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