Friday, June 23, 2006

Fricken Hell

I finish work at around 4:00am most nights. On this night we had consumed some alcohol. Lyndon and I find ourselves at the noodle place downstairs after escaping a trip to the spa with the rest of the guys. (We were way too tired). I reach into my pocket and realise that its missing a WALLET! F*$#%. So my heart rate is pushing 2000 beats per minute while I am frantically looking around on the floor for any signs. Nothing! I start up the street towards where we got off from the cab. Nothing. I was sure i'd left it in the cab. There are a million cabs in Shanghai, I couldn't remember a single detail about it. You are supposed to get a receipt from the driver when you pay, of course I didn't have that.
So after dicking around and stopping random people, well Lyndon did anyway, I gave up hope. (One of those random people was this chick who offered to give me her food!) Several phone calls later I'd canceled my credit cards. I made a trip to the police station a day later and reported it lost. Try doing that in chinese!
Anyway just yesterday, I get a call from Jane (one of the real estate agents we were using) saying that she had my wallet! It was nuts. The money was gone... of course, but my mutual community card, drivers licence and several other cards were still there. I'd already canceled my credit cards but they were still about.
Lesson to be learnt here, put your address and details in your wallet so they can contact you!


Blogger SiL said...

Wah Lauuuuu!!!!!
That is not shiok at ALL man!!

U betsta tell them off man...


9:34 pm  
Blogger Jon said...

No not Shiok at all!! I've never lost my wallet like that before. This is the first and hopeully last time!!

7:45 pm  

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