Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Pad

Over a year has passed and behold I'm still standing. The rollercoaster ride has just come to a stop....time for the next carnival ride. Question is, the safe and familiar carousel ride or the outrageous tumble-dryer ride.

So I've moved apartments lately. (Pictures are on my MSN space) House warming was last week. Not really sure how big it was going to be but the turn out was not too bad I guess. (Seeing as we didn't really invite people.) The new place is bigger. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining, lounge and balcony. We are taking bookings now for those planning to visit. Just email our friendly staff. But it is on the 13th floor..... It really not that far from the old place, 3 streets back. Means I have to walk an extra 10 mins to the Metro station. The walk doesn't sound too bad but in the STINKING HUMID heat at the moment it not very pleasant, for me nor my co-workers.

Work wise, my project is finished. I'm on a kinda break where I'm not doing much at work for the next 2 weeks.. YAY. Time for some getaway. Philippines is the destination of choice. Hopefully the weather isn't rainy cos I'm dying for the sun and surf.